ClicBloc transparent brick
Pack of 18 bricks. Single brick size: 20x20x8 cm.

  • Codice Prodotto Mattonella Policarbonato ClicBloc trasparente
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Pack of 18 bricks.

Single brick size: 20x20x8 cm.


ClicBloc bricks

The transparent break-proof brick. By science and technology of transparent polycarbonate born ClicBloc, an innovative product that allows you to invent and divide the space in your home as you wish.

User friendly

With unique, patented system ClicBloc, alone, in a short time and without any special equipment or building materials, you'll be able to divide and articulate spaces at home and away realizing the project dictated only by your imagination.

Specifications and Features

ClicBloc satisfies quickly and without breaking or soiling any type of wall, even with the corners or curved shapes.
ClicBloc is available in many colors, you can then build a wall between choosing one color all colors available, or dial the colors in a chromatic succession

Resistenza agli agenti atmosferici

Resistance to atmospheric agents

Privo di trattamenti chimici

Free of chemical treatments

Capacità estinguente

Extinguishing capacity
Adatto per strutture meccaniche
 Suitable for mechanical structures
Adattamento termicoThermal adaptation

Resistenza a raggi UV

Resistance to UV

Fields of application

  •  Industrial equipment
  •  lighting
  •  Windshield, auto accessories
  •  Protection machinery, industrial housing bodies
  •  Switchboards, elettroforniture
  •  Screen Printing
  •  visors
  •  Staging aircraft
  •  Staging trains
  •  Nautica
  •  Stand, sets
  •  Pieces of furniture in general
  •  Exhibitors, household items
  •  Illuminated signs, illuminated displays
  •  Photographic montages
  •  Signage, advertising totems

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Pack of 18 bricks. Single brick size: 20x20x8 cm.
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